ADD on the Job
Making Your ADD Work for You

by Lynn Weiss, Ph.D.

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Publication date: March 1996
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ISBN: 0878339175


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From Booklist , 02/01/96:

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is described by the author as a distinctive "flavor" or style of brain organization that favors creativity and simultaneous multilevel processing over linear, detailed-oriented thought. It is a genetic trait, something you are rather than something you "have" in the sense of a disease. Being ADD herself, the author shows ADD people how to identify their type of ADD and what difficulties each type has in the workplace and then suggests ways to solve their problems. This is a valuable book for anyone with ADD or related to an ADD person. In light of the fact that ADD does not necessarily go away in adolescence and that many adults are challenged by ADD, this book is a positive and instructive review of important issues. For corporations' training programs, the author suggests that ADD be considered in the same way as drug and alcohol abuse; managers should be trained to spot ADD-type behavior and manage those employees for positive results for both the individual and the company. This is an uplifting and thoughtful perspective on a common problem, and the book will find a wide audience.
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With more than 10% of the adult population in the U.S. having Attention Deficit Disorder, this phenomenon affects almost every workplace in America. Now, the bestselling author of Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults explains how people with A.D.D. can actually use aspects of their behavior to their advantage.




Table of Contents

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