ADD and Romance
Finding Fulfillment in Love, Sex, & Relationships
by Jonathan Scott Halverstadt, M.S.

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Paperback - 240 pages (January 1999)
Taylor Pub; ISBN: 087833209X ;


Getting off the Roller Coaster and Into the Tunnel of Love - Article by Jonathan Scott Halverstadt

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Reviews and Commentary for ADD and Romance

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Reader Comments

Reviewer: Steve Kimball from Texas

ADD & Romance is one of the best ADD books that I have ever read. Like anyone with ADD, I had to read it three to be able to remember it but that is me not the book because it was well written. The suggestions in the books have had a very positive on my life and marriage. It is a must read for anyone with ADD and anyone thinking of marring someone with ADD.

Reviewer: Roland Rotz from Santa Barbara, California
A Great Job Tackling a Tough Topic

Jonathan Halverstadt reaches deep to address a very difficult subject. Following an overview of how ADD plays out in relationships, he quickly moves to areas we often prefer to not think about: How can someone with ADD possibly be responsible and accountable in their relationships. Using many examples to address these issues in sensitive and practical terms from the ADD and non-ADD partner perspective, he covers many strategies that range from medication to therapy to practical hints. Most valuable is his understanding of what it takes to turn a relationship around and make it thrive! This should be the textbook used in your next class.


Reviewer: livingwithadd (see more about me) from Massachusetts
I expected more

I expected more from this book than such a negative view on ADD. Yes, there were some helpful suggestions that can help ADDers, but the author looks at ADD as just a disorder. I would suggest reading any of LYNN WEISS' books on ADD instead of this one. She will give you a better understanding of ADD than the author of this book does.

Reviewer: A reader from NC
Great for both ADD & non-ADD mates

Reading this book was like reading our life! Easy reading, great examples, lots of hope. Great book for roller coaster relationships.

Reviewer: from Minnesota
The best of the best. A must read for ADD & spouses

Have over two dozen books on ADD. This one is easy to read for an ADD person.

Another must read book from the same clinic is Change your Brain & Change your life by Daniel G Amen.

Reviewer: Sheri from California
This book is very helpful to spouses of people with ADD/ADHD

I found this book to very helpful in dealing with my relationship with my husband and sister who have adult ADD/ADHD. It gave me some useful techniques on how to communicate better with the ADDers in my life. Until now, there haven't been very many books about ADD in relationships. I strongly reccommend this book.




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