Adventures in Fast Forward
Life, Love and Work for the ADD Adult

(Attention Deficit Disorder / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

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by Kathleen G. Nadeau

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Paperback, 224 pages
Published by Brunner/Mazel
Publication date: May 1996
Dimensions (in inches): 0.56 x 9.88 x 6.96
ISBN: 0876308000


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Reviews and Commentary for Adventures in Fast Forward

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Synopsis: Card catalog description

For all adults with ADD, this book is designed to be a practical guide for day-to-day life. No matter where you are in the scenario - curious about ADD, just diagnosed, or experiencing particular problems - this book will give you effective strategies to help anticipate and negotiate the challenges that come with the condition. And, for those who don't have ADD but know someone who does, the insight and guidance will provide clarity and, it is hoped, options for better ways of relating. Adventures in Fast Forward is filled with important tools and tactics for self-care and success, and also includes many personal stories from others that tell how and why these approaches have worked for them. Easy-to-read and packed with information, this book will help to make understanding and living with ADD so much easier.


The author, Kathleen G. Nadeau , 11/22/97:
User-friendly, practical guide to successful living with ADD

Adventures in Fast Forward was written as a very practical, solution oriented guide to successful living with ADD. Many books have been written about understanding and recognizing ADD in adults. Adventures in Fast Foward is a guide for those who are ready to tackle ADD-related challenges and learn how to create an "ADD-friendly" life. It is written in a very open, readable, ADD-friendly format and has even been selected by several support group leaders as a guide for ADD skill building. It focuses on life management skills, social skills, marriage, parenting, womens issues, returning older students, and workplace issues. If you know you have ADD and are wondering "What next?" then this is the book for you.

About the Author

Kathleen G. Nadeau, Ph.D. is a nationally recognized expert on Attention Deficit Disorder in adults, and the author of several books on adult ADD, including the recently released ADD in the Workplace, Choices, Changes and Challenges, published by Brunner/Mazel. She is a frequent lecturer and consultant on issues relating to ADD in the workplace. Dr. Nadeau is co-editor of ADDvance Magazine. (from article in Attention! magazine)


Reader Reviews

Reviewer: A reader from Vermont, USA
The best after your diagnosis

This was the first book I read when I first thought I might have ADD, and it's the best for that point in learning about what you're dealing with and how to deal with it. Clear, concise, insightful. She definitely knows her stuff and how to get it across.

Reviewer: Dr. John T. Fleming (see more about me) from Boston, Mass
A practical guide to help with surmounting ADD problems

I can recommend this book very highly to those already diagnosed with ADD and somewhat familar with the disorder. I would not recommend it to someone who is looking for information about whether or not they might have this disorder and/or are looking for an explanation of what it involves - I think that Dr Ned Hallowell's "Driven to distraction" would be a better introduction. This is more of a nuts and bolts workbook with very practical advice for trying to anticipate the pitfalls of ADD and looking for strategies to avoid falling into them. I can pretty much guarantee you that if you read the book you will find at least one bit of helpful advice that will justify your investment in it. As an example, advice that helped me involved the use of a daily planner - this seems obvious for someone who is extremely disorganized and forgetful; however my level of disorganization and distraction has always prevented me from getting any use out of them. Dr. Nadeau lays out a strategy which involves gradually building up your reliance on it, with the first month dedicated to merely making sure you always take it along with you - nothing else. As to the criticism voiced below that Dr. Nadeau is condecending, I was unable to find any evidence of it although I was looking for it. She seems to put no value judgement on those with the disorder at all; neither " Oh you poor things " nor "Isn't ADD Great!" which I've come across in some works on the subject. After a brief introduction to the disorder and some of the treatment options the chapter topics focus on: Learning life-management skills, Building a strong marriage, Family Life: stresses and Strategies, Improving social skills, ADD in the Workplace,Continuing your education, Women and ADD, Self-Advocacy for adults with ADD: evaluating and creating resources. The book is short and should only take a few hours to read - all unnecessary verbiage seems to have been removed so that almost every line seems to provide usefull information (she knows her audience).

Reviewer: Andrea Little, M.A. ( from Monterey, CA

Kathleen Nadeau's ADVENTURES IN FAST FORWARD should be given out along with ADD as a handbook for how to function in our world. Each chapter addresses a different issue such as: diagnosis, treatment, relationships, social skills, and workplace issues (and more!). It is a positive, uplifting view of how life for the ADD adult can become even better than it is now. Thanks Kathleen for writing a terrific book! I recommend it to all my ADD adult clients!

Reviewer: A reader from USA
Practical, effective and insightful

Dr. Nadeau's book offers some very useful advice to adults suffering from ADD. Her understanding of the problems faced by the patients is amazingly accurate. This book should be read and followed repeatedly by the patients to survive and succeed in the Non-ADD world.

The other book I would recommend in "Moving beyond ADD/ADHD" by Rita Kirsch Debroitner, et al.

Reviewer: from Deerfield, IL
Very highly recommended

Kathleen Nadeau writes about the practical interests of adults with ADD extremely well and offers much useful advice. This is a very important book for all ADDers and those who live with and love them.

Peter Jaksa, Ph.D. President, National Attention Deficit Disorder Association

Reviewer: A reader from Chicago, Illinois
An excellent book!!

This is an EXCELLENT book that I have read and recommended to many people. Everyone who has read it had nothing but positive things to say about it. Dr. Nadeau is one of the true experts in the field and she writes about ADD issues in a clear, down to Earth manner. This is a must-read book for adults with ADD as far as I'm concerned. I am baffled by the two very negative comments that start off the review section. There is no way that Dr. Nadeau is condenscending towards people with ADD -- that's silly and ridiculous. She is one of our best informed, sensitive, PRACTICAL writers on the subject of ADD. I recommend this book very highly, it is becoming a classic for adults with ADD along with DRIVEN TO DISTRACTION.

Reviewer: A reader from Acton, MA
A real disappointment

Presumably the author meant well when she wrote this book, but the tone throughout is condescending to people with ADD. Also, the information is frequently incomplete: the section on medication, for example, doesn't even mention the large percentage of ADD people who can't tolerate stimulant medications, much less discuss other options like biofeedback, nutritional supplements, and neuro-linguistic programming.There are plenty of other, better, books out there by people who know what it is like to have ADD and can get information across without the "you-poor-thing" attitude.

Reviewer: A reader from Kansas, the United States
This book is full of practical and positive information.

I ordered this book to try and gain insight into my husband's disorder, ADD. We have gone through every diagnosis from alcoholism to depression to being just plain lazy. Many people aren't even aware that a child diagnosed as "hyper" in the sixties, may become a depressed, ADD adult in the 90's. Medication is a lifesaver, but our family still needs help in learning to live in peace after the ADD diagnosis. That is where this wonderful book comes into the picture. This book is written in a concise, practical form and confirms so many of the scenarios that are played out in ADD homes everyday. The best thing about this book, is that it provides a look at ADD that is positive. My family now knows, through reading this book, that leaving notes for Dad, keeping family information centralized, and keeping a good deal of humor handy are all coping skills that our family can incorporate into our structure to help our life flow a little smoother. My three young daughters and I are now seeing "Daddy" as someone to be proud of; but better yet, my husband is now seeing himself as capable and talented and his future as exciting.
Table of Contents
By Mary McDonald Richard
Ch. 1. Understanding Adult ADD
Ch. 2. Diagnosing Adult ADD
Ch. 3. Treating Adult ADD: Medication and Psychotherapy
Ch. 4. Learning Life-Management Skills
Ch. 5. Building a Strong Marriage
Ch. 6. Family Life: Stresses and Strategies
Ch. 7. Improving Social Skills
Ch. 8. ADD in the Workplace
Ch. 9. Continuing Your Education
Ch. 10. Women and ADD
Ch. 11. Self-Advocacy for Adults with ADD: Evaluating and Creating Resources
Ch. 12. Success Stories: From College Years to Senior Years
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