Clutter's Last Stand
It's Time to De-Junk Your Life!

by Don Aslett

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Paperback, 282 pages
Published by Writers Digest Books
Publication date: June 1, 1984
ISBN: 0898791375

Reader Comments

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Reviews and Commentary for Clutter's Last Stand

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Reader Comments

A Reader from santaquin,UT , 10/07/97, rating=9:

After reading this book I threw away half of my possessions, insulted my worthless friends tellingly (the book identifies these for you--of course you'll keep the quality friends), and have since lived a life of carefree bliss and freedom. If you feel dull or clogged or fat with sorrows read this book, pay heed, and be cured.

A Reader from California, USA , 08/28/97, rating=8:
A hard look at accumulated stuff helps clear inner pathways!

Feeling overwhelmed by STUFF??? Is there so much stuff around.. stuff, stuff, stuff!!!. Good stuff, old stuff, neat stuff, boring stuff, stuff that's good but boring, stuff that is old yet neat, stuff that is cluttery but necessary.....lots of stuff? Well, it was that way for me and I wanted to de-mass. Clutter's Last Stand was just what I needed to helped me understand how to get out from under it all and it illuminated some of the madness that made the methods necessary. It made me think. It motivated me to act. It is a funny, easy book that inspires renewed sanity and vigor in life. from West Lafayette, IN , 08/26/97, rating=9:
Effective Persuasion; How-To with an Attitude

Don Aslett's got an attitude. He's up-front about this and laces this book with reminders that only YOU can decide what is YOUR junk and what is your good stuff. One of his goals is to shake up unexamined assumptions about what is indispensible.

I found this book humorous, helpful and extremely motivational. Frankly, when I contemplate de-junking my stuffed house the task seems so overwhelming that I need a good kick in the pants to get started. Don Aslett supplies this. When I bogged down in my junk-purging, I'd reread a few pages at random and return with enthusiasm to the job. (Also he'd remind me of some peculiar piece of junk in my house, which would give me a fresh starting-place.)

Don Aslett persuasively depicts the glory of a de-junked life. He is inspiring. He pulls no punches with his opinions ("All hats are junk") but does not expect the reader to accept them without question. No more objectionable than the Apostle Paul. , 06/12/97, rating=1:
De-junking Prejudices

I recently purchased Don Aslett's book to help put things in perspective when packing for a move to a new house. I was prepared to be told about my packrat status and what I could do about it, and to be truthful, Aslett did provide numerous helpful hints for de-junking. Unfortunately, I found his style to be derogatory and offensive, and I put the book down with disgust. Perhaps some readers will not think so, but as a person that has struggled with a weight problem, I found statements that said than an overweight woman was "pathetic" and in "gross, physical condition" extremely offesive (p. 248). I bought this book for assistance in clearing out the junk from my life. I did not buy this book to be slapped in the face by his obvious lack of compassion and his sense of self-righteousness. I suppose that Don Aslett is very fortunate to not have a weight problem, because in his own words, "very few people have real tolerance for, or faith in, fat people." References such as these appear through out this book. I find it amazing and disheartening that in 1997, someone that would not dream of making comments in a book based on a person's skin color or ethnicity, finds it acceptable to make comments based on a person's size. I do not agree. This type of prejudice is the very first thing that should be de-junked, and this book is the first thing in my house that will hit the garbage can.


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