Organizing for the Creative Person
Right-brain syles for conquering clutter, mastering time,
and reaching your goals
by Dorothy Lehmkuhl, Dolores Cotter Lamping

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Paperback, 216 pages
Published by Crown Pub
Publication date: January 1994
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ISBN: 0517881640



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Table of Contents

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Reviews and Commentary for Organizing for the Creative Person

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Creative people can be just as organized as anyone else, but only if they arrange their desks, time, and lives in a style consistent with their unique way of perceiving the world. This is the first book to address the organizational needs of this substantial segment of the population. 20 line drawings. 20,000 first printing.


Creative--right-brain--people often have trouble with organization. This is the first audiobook on organization and time management to draw on the startling discoveries made in recent years about right-brain and left-brain dominance. It offers dozens of practical techniques to help listeners find the organizing style that works for them, plus has a special segment on dealing with left-brain spouses or coworkers. --This text refers to the audio cassette edition of this title


Reader Comments from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. , 06/11/98 rating=5/5:
How It helped me
All of my life, I was disorganized, and had no hope of being any other way. After reading the first couple of chapters, I understood more about myself (being right brain dominant) and learned how to work around my idiosyncracies. Now my friends call me obsessive/ compulsive because I have organized EVERYTHING from drawers to magazines. I recommend it to anyone, even those who've lost hope of ever being organized. I still read it just for inspiration. from Alameda, California , 03/31/98, rating=10:
A comfort and a guiding hand for creative types.

This book is a comfort and a guiding hand for us "creative types." It first grants permission to be the way we are, which is a relief, and is the first step toward taking control of our surroundings. Excellent insights into the idiosynchrasies of the right-brainer, and practical suggestions for handling many organizational problems which interfere with the creative process.

Helps cure that overwhelmed feeling and get you going. Worth its weight in gold! from USA , 03/08/98, rating=8:
Tough to sum up resolve this book offers 4 the creative ind.

This book lets you know how many talents you really are denying yourself due to guilt feelings of disorganization. , 02/09/97, rating=10:
For the creative person who feels hopelessly disorganized.

This book is a life-saver for a creative person who can't find things, always feels overwhelmed, and has never been able to "get organized." The authors explain how creative people, who frequently are right-brain dominant, perceive and organize their world differently from left-brain dominant people. In other words, you're not necessarily *dis*organized, but you are *differently* organized. Just understanding the difference takes a huge load off your mind. Then they proceed to give very useful and practical advice for how to get and stay organized--*your* way.


From the Covers:

"At last, an organizing system for us creative right-brain types!"

-- Kenneth Blanchard, coauthor, The One Minute Manager

"If you feel overwhelmed by the challeng of organizing, this could be the book for you. It offers a different angle of approach to the problem and plenty of practical typs for creative people."

-- Stephanie Winston, author of the bestsellers
Getting Organized and The Organized Executive

"Creative, time-tested techniques and helpful illustrations and anecdotes plus sound psychological advice. Well done!"

-- Susan Silver, author of Organized to Be the Best!

"Understanding the role of brain dominance plays in learning skills, especially learning organizational skills, is an important breakthrough, especially for people who are chronically disorganized."

-- Judith Kolberg, Director, National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization

"One of my personal favorites!"

-- Balance Check
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Table of Contents

  1. Fulfilling Your Dreams
  2. Assessing Your Organizational Style
  3. Focusing in on Your Visions
  4. Creative Ways to Schedule Your Work
  5. Launching Your Visions Into Action
  6. The Odd Couple Within Us
  7. Starting to Get Ready to Think About . . .
  8. The Clutterbug
  9. To Keep or Not to Keep
  10. . . . And Where to Put It
  11. Paper Paradise!
  12. Plowing a Path Through Personal Papers
  13. The Inner Struggle
  14. Opposites Attract

Postscript to Chapter 14

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