Think Fast!
The ADD Experience

By Thom Hartmann, Janie Bowman, and Susan Burgess (editors) and the participants on the ADD Forum on Compuserve

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Book Description
Expert information on treatment plus the real-life everyday experiences of people with Attention Deficit Disorder presented in a format that can be read cover to cover or scanned for specific topics. This unique book is the first collection of expert opinions on ADD presented along with the experiences of ADD people from around the world.

Everyone has had an ADD experience at one time or another. We've all forgotten appointments, gotten distracted, or misplaced the car keys. This book gathers expert information on and everyday experiences with ADD and presents it in a format that can be read cover to cover or scanned for specific topics relevant to the reader.

Presents a selection of writings, dialogues, anecdotes, experiences, and personal advice on Attention Deficit Disorder that address such topics as medication and therapeutic options, the problems of women and children with ADD, and more. Original. 35,000 first printing. IP.

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Thom Hartmann has written six books about ADD. His book, ADD: A Different Perception sold more than 100,000 copies. His remarkable evolutionary theory about ADD was profiled in Time magazine.

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"Extremely valuable and empowering .... this book is a gem, a gold-mine resource. I enthusiastically recommend it." From: Colleen Alexander-Roberts, author, The ADHD Parenting Handbook

one of the editors, Thom Hartmann (, 06/21/98
An anthology about ADD
Think Fast!: The ADD Experience is an anthology of discussions and writings culled from the ADD Forum on CompuServe, which I run along with some of the people in the book. Contributors to this book (and the discussions) include Russell Barkley, Edward Hallowell, John Ratey, Carla Nelson, and many others, not a "book by Thom Hartmann." I wrote only one chapter for it (a summary of my Hunter/Farmer theory). It includes a broad overview of perspectives and opinions about ADD. It's broad, diverse, and provides an excellent insight into the many different ways to view and treat ADD.

About this Editor
Thom Hartmann is the author of six books on ADD and former executive director of a residential treatment facility for abused and emotionally disturbed children. He authored more than 200 published articles and has spoken at conferences around the world.


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