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CH.A.D.D. 11th Annual Conference - Washington D.C. - October 7-9

 ADDA Summer Chicago Conference (July 1999) Information Page

Treating ADHD: Difficult Cases, Problems & Solutions - Edward Hallowell, M.D. - June 4-5 Minneapolis, June 25-26 Kansas City, July 16-17 Phoenix

Healing ADD From the Inside Out - How to Recognize and Treat Six Different Kinds of Attention Deficit Disorder - Daniel Amen, M.D.
May 7 Seattle, May 8 Anaheim, May 21 San Francisco, May 22 Portland,
June 4 Indianapolis, June 5 Chicago

ADDIEN Ann Arbor May 7 & 8, 1999

ADHD and Addictions - Wendy Richardson - San Francisco April 24

Coming Out of the Darkness: Attention Deficit Disorder and Co-Occurring Conditions Throughout the Lifespan - November 7-8, 1998, San Francisco

Surviving and Thriving with ADD - November 6-7, 1998, Seattle

A World of Understanding: ADHD Issues and Answers: CHADD International Conference October 15-17, 1998, New York




Coming Out of the Darkness: Attention Deficit Disorder [ADHD]
and Co-Occurring Conditions Throughout the Lifespan

November 7-8, 1998
The Embassy Suites Hotel, San Francisco Airport

An intensive educational conference geared to the needs of both health care and criminal justice professionals. CE/CME credit.

Presenters include: Edward M. Hallowell, MD; Daniel G. Amen, MD; David E. Comings, MD; Patricia O. Quinn, MD; Wendy Richardson, MA, LMFCC; Dwaine McCallon, MD; John McManus, PhD; Julia F. Tybor Moore, MD; Catherine Long Popell, RN, PhD & Matthew Stubblefield, MD..

Topics include ADHD in relation to: Bipolar Disorder; OCD; Behavioral & Chemical Addictions; PTSD; Depression; Violent Behavior; Anxiety & Chronic Worry; Tourette Syndrome; Acquired Brain Injury; Oppositional Defiance Disorder: Use of Medication; Diagnostic &Assessment Tools; Couples & Families; Adolescents; the Elderly; Hormones & Cognitive Function in Women;. Understanding & Treating the Criminal Mind; and more.

A Pre-Conference Seminar on Dealing with Chronic Worry presented by Edward M. Hallowell, MD will also be given on November 6th.

For more information or conference brochure contact: IABH 800-258-8411 or or check our web site at www/

Surviving and Thriving with ADD
November 6 & 7, 1998


Keynote Speaker:  Lynn Weiss

November 6, 1998 (Career Workshop, 9:00-4:00)
Group Health,
Central Medical Center South, Seattle, Washington

November 7, 1998 (Conference, 8:30-4:00)
Seattle Central
Community College, Seattle, Washington

For adults with ADD and those who love them
Sponsored by Puget Sound Adult ADD Association

Topics include: ADD Overview, Healing and Soothing Wounds, ADD and
Creativity, Organization, Family Relationships, Staying Sane--Loving with
and Loving a person with ADD (especially for Spouses/partners) Time
Management, Learning to Listen. Other speakers include: George Lynn, M.A,
Cynthia Hammer, M.S.W., Carol Flannigan, M.S.W., Ellan Nelson, R.N., M.B.A.,
Nancy Holm, M.A.

Sat. Conference only: $30 (if registered by 10/19)
$110 for both days (if registered by Oct. 19)
Career and Identity Workshop only (with Lynn Weiss, limited to 36 participants), $95
For registration form:
call Carol Flannigan (206) 322-4413
or Nancy Holm (425) 483-5811


This information copied from a public service announcement courtesy of National ADDA by Balance Check. 

CHADD Conference Cover Page 1998 CH.A.D.D. International Conference - October 15-17
A World of Understanding: ADHD Issues and Answers

More information available at CH.A.D.D. site.


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