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The Mining Co. - Bob Seay - You will see a number of items from Mr. Seay and the Mining Co. site here. That is because that site is an excellent source of information about ADD/ADHD. Kept up-to-date.










The Special Ed Advocate - Peter and Pamela Wright, lawyer and social worker, have gone the distance for kids with learning disabilities - including ADD. On this site, they talk about how.









Law and Attention Deficit DisORDER - ADD Medical Treatment Center of Santa Clara Valley







ADD / ADHD - Taking Control Through Knowledge - Brandi Valentine's latest effort - a must see!







ADDA Site of the National Attention Deficit Disorder Association. Holds annual meetings targeted on adult ADD / ADHD.









ADDictionary - Sometimes you just have to laugh. This will lead you to a place where the laughs are many. From HADD-IT








ADDult Support of Washington (ASW) - for Adults with ADD - excellent adult support group - newsletter subscription available nationwide







Bob's Little Corner of the Web - homepage for Bob Seay of the Mining Company







Bouncing Brains - This site is dedicated to the wellbeing of roving minds and restless souls, including, but not limited to, people with atttention differences or ADD. "A digital magazine for the stimulus-driven about surviving sane with a bouncing brain."







CH.A.D.D. - Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder - the lead organization for people who fit the title (and their loved ones). Chapters all over the USA. You can find the chapter near you here. Also information from the latest issue of "Attention!" magazine and about upcoming meetings, current legislative hot points, and more. Wisconsin and Michigan Chapter listing. **

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