Diagnosing ADHD in Adults

Hyperactivity is more difficult to diagnose in adults than children, according to researchers. More studies are needed in this area. Studies have also determined that adults with ADHD have lower brain metabolism than normal adults.

Hyperactive adults are generally not nearly as fidgety as children or teens, but they do have the symptoms such as restlessness, attention difficulties, and impulsiveness.

Future Developments

As we continue to search for answers and to conduct research to unravel the mystery of hyperactivity, we are uncovering more and more about the disorder that strikes not only children, but teens and adults as well.

Research continues to reveal how stimulant medications affect brain metabolism; how early intervention or identification might affect the long-term outcome and prognosis for these children; whether or not training and behavior modification are useful; and how researchers can use PET scans to study hyperactive children and teens, and possibly diagnose ADHD.

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