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Success (or not) with Adderall

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L posted a question about Adderall on the bulletin board.

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Dear L,

I've been taking Adderall for about four months and it is very effective for me. I have not experienced any bad side effects with it, but I would not advocate one medication over another -- it's best to see what works for you. Adderall was recommended by my doctor in place of Dexedrine because it is a similar drug, but longer acting with less of a "drop" as it wears off. For whatever it may be worth, in these four short months I have not come across anything bad regarding it. Good luck with your quest.


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Written by Rick on Wed Mar 18 15:11:35 1998 GMT

My son (13) and I have been taking it for about 18 months and we like it very much. He takes it in the morning (10mg) and that lasts him till after school. We're authorized to use it again after school if necessary, but usually not. I take it morning and noon (20mg). I get really sleepy around 10, but I'm not disciplined enough about going to bed on time, so it could be my fault rather than the adderall. And yes, you say it just like it looks.

Best of luck,


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Written by Gary on Wed Mar 18 17:02:10 1998 GMT

Adderall caused a severe anxiety reaction in my 8 yr old son. He began picking his skin and nose until it bled (couldn't stop) and could not sleep or eat much. He had the similar problems with ritalin but nearly as severe. I've seen one other earlier post on this board with someone who had an adverse reaction to Adderal, but generally most people's experience tends to be very positive with it. Everybody is unique so I post this so that people who have similar experiences don't feel alone or get frustrated with meds.

Right now my son is on a very low dose of risperodine (sp?) (used in much larger doses for schizophrenia) and eventhough I have never seen an info of this being used for ADHD, in the first week we've had the best results with this than any other med (clonodine, ritalin, adderal, depakote).

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Written by Pam on Thu Mar 19 03:18:02 1998 GMT

Hi L;

I've been successfullly taking Adderall for 23 months, 2 weeks and four days...not that I'm counting!<gg> Overall I am very pleased. We(dr & I) had to work a bit to "tweak" my dosage, but within about 30-45 days, we had it working very well. I have been able to attend college<first time in my life I've been able to focus enough to make good grades>;

Only side effect I've had while taking it is slightly elevated BP. HOWEVER, hypertension runs in my family, AND I'm a single mom taking 18 hours this semester in school, which is enough to give anyone elevated BP. My physician follows about 600+ ADHD children & 200+ ADDults, and reports very good success with the ADDERALL.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you for your thoughts. You've given me a lot to think about. I'll take your responses with me next time I see my doctor.


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