Clutterers Anonymous Affirmations
We have found that saying affirmations helps us replace negative thoughts with positive ones.  Some may strike you as good personal goals.  "Take what you like and leave the rest."

  1. I nurture my spirit by surrounding myself with beauty and harmony.
  2. I believe I am entitled to surrounding of serenity and order and joyous life.
  3. I set reasonable goals, remembering that my first priority is my well-being.
  4. I schedule what I can do at a comfortable pace.  I rest before I get tired.
  5. I allot more time than I need for a task or trip, allowing a comfortable margin for the unexpected.
  6. I decide which are the most important things to do first.
  7. I do one thing at a time.
  8. I schedule quiet time for communing with my Higher Power.  Before I accept any new commitments, I first ask for guidance from my Higher Power.
  9. I eliminate an activity from my schedule before adding one that demands equivalent time and energy.
  10. When I feel overwhelmed, I stop and reconnect with my Higher Power.
  11. I allocate space and time for anything new that I bring into my life or home.
  12. I simplify my life, believing that when I need a fact or an item it will be available to me.
  13. I affirm abundance and prosperity, thus I release the need to hoard.
  14. I ask for help if I have any difficulties in working the program.
  15. I schedule time for play and rest, refusing to work non-stop.
  16. I believe that I can recover from cluttering and use my experience to benefit others.
  17. I accept my progress as proceeding in God's time.  I know that patience, tolerance, and taking my time aids me in my recovery
  18. I am gentle with my efforts, knowing that my new way of living requires much practice.
  19. I do not yield to pressure or attempt to pressure others.
  20. I realize that I am already where I will always be, in the here and now.  I live each moment with serenity, joy and gratitude.

Dan Goodman

"Whatever you wish for me, may you have twice as much."

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