Frequently Asked Questions - Short List - DeCluttr Maillist


This is a mini-FAQ answering the few questions that pop up most frequently on the DECLUTTR list. The DeCluttr maillist is an on-line support group concentrating on problems with clutter, disorganization, time management with tips and solutions as well as support. It generates large volume of e-mail daily. A more extensive FAQ is posted monthly and periodically brought up-to-date on this site.

This page has been re-named (moved). The new name is faq_sh_decluttr.htm. The reason for the change was to allow the web address to fit on a single e-mail line. On many browsers you will automatically be transferred to the new page (that does not contain this message). Otherwise, please click here or on one of the links below:

  1. Help!! How do I set this list digest/no digest/unsubcribe???
  2. Where are the archives?
  3. Are there posting guidelines?
  4. What is SHE?

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