Argentine Tango

Madison, Wisconsin

Street shoes may not be used during tango lessons. Stocking feet acceptable.

Beginner classes at 122 State Street Studio, 3rd Floor, in Madison.

Tuesdays 6 pm - 7 pm

These lessons are put on by the Madison Tango Society. The lessons are followed by practice sessions (practicas) at the same location until 8:30. Many dancers then move to a mixed tango/salsa venue at the Brink lounge.

There are a number of tango instructors giving more advanced lessons in Madison. They have listings on the Tango Society web page.

For more about Argentine Tango in Madison
see the Madison Tango Society website.


Links to videos

Other links

Other Venues

Videos (YouTube Playlists)

Lunch with the Milongueros - a series of talks hosted by Oscar Casas - Spanish w/ subtitles

Milongas - Videos of Milongas - real people dancing Argentine Tango

Seduced by Tango - Interview with Deb Sclar and Brian Dunn

Exhibition Dances - usually by instructors at festivals - Oscar & Marianne - Deb & Brian - Tete Rusconi - Homer & Cristina Ladas

Finnish Tango - A very real type of Argentine Tango in a cold clime.

Marek & Olivera - at the heart of the Madison Tango community, now in Paris

Tango in the Movies

Instruction Videos (very much a work in progress) - online


Demonstration Videos (very much a work in progress)

    - I only list those that I think have instructional value - not ones with simply flashy dancing!

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