Focus Your Energy
Hunting for Success in Business With Attention Deficit Disorder

by Thom Hartmann

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Paperback - 138 pages (September 1994)
Pocket Books; ISBN: 0671516892


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Reviews and Commentary for Focus Your Energy

The author, Thom Hartmann ( , 08/17/96
A book about how to be an entrepreneur, & career choices.
This is my favorite of all my books, because it speaks directly to adults and teenagers who are looking for ways to convert their ADD into an asset in the "real world" of business. In addition to lots of good information on ADD and ADD in the workplace, this book is an excellent reference manual on how to start and run a small business. Enjoy!

Reader Comments

A reader from New York City, 06/11/98
Fabulous for entrepreneurs
Every entrepreneur I've ever known has been a person who could be described as having ADD. And this book, which revisits Hartmann's ground-breaking ADD/Hunter/Farmer theory, and then puts it in the context of business, is one of the best business books *for the entrepreneur* I've ever read. (If you work in an office, 9-5, and like it that way, it's probably not the right book for you. If you want to start your own business, though, this book is the key.)

A reader from Sydney, Australia , 02/09/98
Don't waste your money
This book just repeats many time management tips gleaned from other sources. Not at all useful for ADD, which was what I was searching for.



Reader Comments , 01/05/97, rating=10:
Know you're smart but think you're nuts? Then read this!

I first bought

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