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SPAM and how I deal with it.

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Email lists and their members are easy targets for spammers. Especially if they set up a program to look for certain words such as fr*g*l, s*v* m*n*y, cl**n*ng, etc. (asterisks instead of vowels as a way of maybe fooling them. )

I have developed a way to deal with Spam and it only takes a few minutes of my time. And I get a good deal of satisfaction out of it.

  1. I never ever respond to spam. I believe responding to it, even negatively only encourages spammers to continue to spam. So I never respond directly to spam. Even when it says "send an email to this address with the word remove in the subject line and you will be removed from this list." I don't believe that I will be removed and I believe it only lets them know I have a valid email address.
  2. If the spam comes to me personally, I "open" the header to get as complete info as i possibly can about where the thing came from. I then send a copy of the Spam with the subject line "SPAM I received" to the postmaster of every single possible ISP I can find. Many times these are false addresses. But at least 3 times in the past month I have received email from the postmaster telling me that an account has been closed as a result of my post.

    If I can't identify an address, I try to find the correct one on the ISP Resource Page on the web. Do a search at for it and you will find it.
  3. I always go to the Junk Email Resource Page and I copy and paste a copy of the spam and send it to the FTC. There are a few questions to be answered also.

And that's it. I have the satisfaction of knowing that I have done something and am not just a helpless victim of their unwelcome onslaughts and invasion of my email.

If we want spamming to stop, we have to take action. here's a whole lotta URL's to make that easy:

Fwd Hotmail spam to: (full msg AND headers)

Hotmail TOS:

Hotmail UCE policy:


Responsible sites:

UCE closures posted:

FTC ScamSpam:

Spam-L FAQ:



Spam/UCE-Fighting Resources
Background on the TCPA


Boycott Internet Spam The definitive site, with lots of great info and links.


ISP Acceptable Use Policies Sample Acceptable Use Policies

(AUPs) for ISP's to use.


CIAC Bulletin: I-005c: E-Mail Spamming countermeasures

The US government office that alerts the world to virus threats gets serious about Spam.


Blacklist of Internet Advertisers

Main Site:



Thank you very much for the info on spam-fighting. When you send messages to the postmasters, do you address them "" where you substitute the ISP with the name, ie, AOL, compuserve, etc??


Answer #1: Yes, Kathy, that is exactly what I do.

Answer #2 - separate person: Depends on the ISP. I'd suggest that, if you have Web access, go to That site has a LOT of info that'll help a beginning spam-fighter.


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