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Ribbon Interface in Microsoft Word - Links - Word 2007 - 2019 / 365

Word 2007 discontinued menus and introduced the Ribbon. Also gone was Clippy - the interactive guide. Here are links to resources to help you learn the ribbon.

bulletLearn where menu and toolbar commands are in Office 2010 and related products
bulletMicrosoft Word 2010: Interactive menu to ribbon guide
bulletOffice Watch Word Command Finder -
bulletSearch Command Addon - 2007 & 2010
bulletStop Clicking and Exploring Excel 2007 like a Newbie - - The general principals starting around page 10 apply to any Ribbonized app
bulletMap 2003 menu to 2007 Ribbon Flash Applets, spreadsheets -
bulletMap 2003 menu to 2010 Ribbon Siliverlight applets and spreadsheets-
bullet2010 Migration Guides -
bullet3 ways to learn the Office 2010 ribbon\
bullet 10+ ways to help your users transition to Word 2007
bullet 10+ ways to train your users on Office 2007 for free
bullet2007 Getting Started Tab addin -
bulletMini-glossary: Office 2007 terms you should know -
bullet 10 new Office 2007 interface elements (and what most of them are really called)
bulletWord 2007 Cheat Sheet - Intro to Ribbon UI   
bulletExplore what is new and different in Microsoft Word 2007;leftCol
bulletA few things you'll miss when you upgrade to Office 2007;leftCol 
bulletChanges in Office Word 2007  -This article lists the changes in Microsoft Office Word 2007 from Microsoft Office 2003.
bullet RibbonX: Customizing the Office 2007 Ribbon - by Robert Martin, Ken Puls, and Theresa Hennig (Book)

You can overlay the Word 2003 menus and the formatting and standard toolbars onto the Word 2007 - Word 2013 ribbon. Doing so may make you more productive in the short term but will likely slow your learning process. Go to Greg Maxey's page on customizing the ribbon and search for Classic UI to download an Add-In.

With the Ribbon interface comes the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) which is unlike Word 97-2003 toolbars but is very customizable within the User Interface. QAT modifications can be made either to the entire application or to a particular document or template.


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